Baby eating Plum Organics baby food

Why Plum?

You might be saying, “Guys, what the heck does this have to do with baby food?” Funny. Our bosses asked us the same thing.

Well, there’s the obvious connection. More sex, more babies. More babies, more baby food…

But the real story is that we’re a brand by parents, for parents. (That’s why we’re #TeamParent!) And we believe in creating an open dialogue about the real lives of modern parents. If, by doing this, we can help even a few of you to feel normal or have a laugh, that’s a win for us.

Plus, as parents, we know first-hand that after you have kids, your relationship can sometimes take a backseat. (Like third-row. In a minivan.)

So, while the topic of “parent sex” may seem a bit taboo, we’re over that. It’s time to share our experiences and encourage each other to step up our relationship game. Because happy, strong relationships aren’t just good for parents, they’re good for the whole family.

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