G-Rated Quickies

There’s a lot more to balanced, happy relationships than just sex. After all, parents have feelings, too.

Whether you’ve got 30 seconds or a whole night, here are some fun and easy ways to connect with your partner.

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Share the last cookie. (Sorry, kids.)
Go in for a kiss.
Send a sweet (or sexy) text.
Pour them some coffee.
Say those three little words.
Grab that tush (if that's their thing.)
Fix them a snack.
Put down your phone and ask about their day.
Distract the kid(s) while they drink their coffee.
Write a note and stick it in their bag.
Give them a quick shoulder massage.
Put on their favorite song.
Make a playlist for their commute.
Flip (or scroll) through photos from when you two first met.
Stop at their favorite bakery on the way home from work.
Watch some funny viral & crack up together.
Write a short love letter. Leave it on their pillow.
Spoon each other.
Just be together. Maybe with a cup of coffee.
Try something new together. (Guitar lessons, anyone?)
Host a wine-and-cheese tasting party for two.
Plan a trip together - get excited.
Give them a whole body massage. No expectations.
Get dressed up and hang out on your couch.
Put the kids to bed, grab a blanket, go look at the stars.